Carbondale Tourism


Carbondale Tourism was first organized in 1985, and is a not-for-profit organization responsible for marketing Carbondale, Illinois. The Bureau is governed by a board of directors and has contracts with the City of Carbondale, and the Illinois Office of Tourism. Through special grant resources, Carbondale Tourism often provides services that benefit the expanded Southern Illinois region.


The mission of Carbondale Tourism is to develop, promote, market and facilitate activities designed to increase out of town visitors to Carbondale. We work to promote tourism, conferences, conventions, sporting/athletic and special events in Carbondale and serve as a coordinator for conferences and conventions in Carbondale. Our purpose is to provide information to the public, which is pertinent to the tourism industry. We strive toward economic enhancement of Carbondale by the fulfillment of these purposes. We work with other tourism entities to further promote the Carbondale area as a desirable leisure and business destination.

Tourism Funding Program

The Local Tourism Funding Program provides financial assistance to local and regional organizations for the promotion and marketing of tourism attractions and events in Carbondale. To apply for funding from the Matching Grant and Sponsorship Program please fill out this application and submit all pieces of it via e-mail to or in person at 126 S. Illinois Ave, Carbondale, Illinois.

Things to Do

Meet the Team

The friendly and helpful staff at Carbondale Tourism will assist you in finding the information you need to plan a trip, an event or to provide you with other area information you may need.


Tyler Dion

Interim Director